Overview and Quick Facts

The NTP Security Project, or "NTPsec", is an open source project that is security hardening and updating the widely used reference implementation of the Network Time Protocol.

NTP is how the Internet keeps correct time, which is critically important for cybersecurity, and is necessary for finance, cloud computing, media streaming, data storage, email, calendaring, and for keeping the clock on most personal computers set correctly.

NTP was invented by one of the original creators of the internet itself, Dr. David L. Mills, now Professor Emeritus at the University of Delaware. Dr. Mills was also the original architect of the original reference implementation, now called "NTP Classic", that the NTP Security Project is updating.

Development of NTPsec is currently being funded by the Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative, which was formed in the wake of the "Heartbleed Bug".

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Contact Information

For more information, contacts are:

Mark Atwood
Project Manager pro-tem
NTP Security Project


John D. Bell
Evangelism, Outreach, and Training Coordinator
Internet Civil Engineering Institute (ICEI)


Marcus Streets
Programs Director,
The Linux Foundation, Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII)